F Cross-Referenced Lease & Agreement Number Lists

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Cross-Referenced Lease & Agreement Number Lists

When reporting royalties based on production allocated from an agreement, the ONRR-converted agreement number should be reported in block 9 of the new Report of Sales and Royalty Remittance (Form ONRR-2014) in addition to the lease number in block 7. The agreement number consists of three parts:

  1. Prefix = 3 characters, left justified
  2. Serial No. = 6 characters, right justified
  3. Suffix = 2 characters, left justified

Please Note: The agreement number needs to be upper case.

Following are some examples of the layout we are expecting for various types of agreement numbers.

Agency Agreement # ONRR-Converted Agreement #
WYW192003B W(sp)(sp) 192003 B(sp)
NMNM34567A NM(sp)(sp)34567A(sp)
NMNM92323 NM(sp)(sp)92323 (sp)(sp)
140800016793A 891006793A(sp)
NCR54 6910000540(sp)
CO050A2085C 65985C1040(sp)
UTU60786A U(sp)(sp)(sp)60786A(sp)

The files below provide lists of information you can use to determine the appropriate ONRR-converted Agreement number to enter on Form ONRR-2014. If necessary, refer to the CSV/ASCII record layout.