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Employment Opportunities

ONRR Best Places to Work Graphic 2012ONRR has been publicly recognized for its royalty auditing work, receiving the highest possible rating from an independent peer review. ONRR received an unqualified (clean) opinion on its Fiscal Year 2012 consolidated financial statements, making this our 16th consecutive year of unqualified opinions. The Denver Post recognized the ONRR Denver Office as one of the top places to work in the Denver Metropolitan area in 2012.

Permanent Employment

View and apply for vacancies on USA Jobs. For expanded employment opportunities and information, visit the DOI Find a Job web page. ONRR is included under Office of the Secretary (OS).

Pathways Opportunities

The DOI Pathways Program (Pathways) provides students and graduates with an entry-level experience designed to lead to a civil service career in the Federal Government. ONRR participates in the Pathways Recent Graduates Program (RGP) offering qualified graduates the opportunity to support the ONRR mission of collecting, disbursing, and verifying Federal and Indian energy and natural resource revenue on behalf of all Americans.

USA Jobs LogoIf accepted into the ONRR RGP, interns receive job-related training in a one-year formal development program. Interns participate in a wide range of career fields that include accounting, auditing, engineering, and information systems.

Look for ONRR RGP opportunities in

DOI's Best Kept Secret

Basic Requirements

  • US Citizenship.
  • Background investigation, fingerprints, and credit check.
  • Payments made by Direct Deposit.
  • Selective Service registration for male applicants, unless exempt.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Fellowship Program

Through the IPA program, employees from State and local governments, Tribal institutions of higher education, and other eligible organizations participate in a job fellowship with ONRR in Colorado. The IPA program is designed to develop an individual’s skills in a range of minerals management functions from ONRR’s perspective. Program fellows return to their organization to apply their new skills and knowledge to their organization's operations.