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Topics Contact Online Resources
Making payments to ONRR (800) 525-0309
Ext. 3668
ONRR Contacts by Company Assignment:
Additional Resources:
Submitting reports to ONRR (800) 525-0309 ONRR Contacts by Company Assignment: Additional Resources:
Valuation determinations and guidance Email Royalty Valuation
State and local government disbursements from ONRR (303) 231-3162 ONRR Statistics Information
Email Data Services
Allottee or individual Indian mineral owner services Four Corners Region
(800) 238-2839
Oklahoma Region
(800) 354-7015
Colorado and All Other Regions
(800) 982-3226
Allotted Lands
Federal Indian Minerals Office (FIMO)
Email Indian Outreach
Tribal services Cooperative Agreements
Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Fellowship Program
Email Tribal Liaison Officer
U.S. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (USEITI) (202) 208-0272 USEITI Report and Data Portal
USEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group
Press or media inquiries Treci Johnson
(202) 513-0611
Email Public Affairs
Congressional inquiries Anita Gonzales-Evans
(202) 513-0607
Email Congressional Affairs
Data requests ONRR Statistics Information
USEITI Report and Data Portal
Email Data Services
ONRR office locations ONRR Office Locations
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (202) 513-0765 ONRR FOIA
Office of the Secretary FOIA
Email FOIA
Technical assistance (303) 231-3333
Email IT Help Desk
For General Inquiries Please Call (303) 231-3162