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Tribal Consultation

Office of Natural Resources Revenue includes Tribes on a government-to-government basis in our decision-making processes.

2019 Scheduled Consultations

The Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) is responsible for collecting and disbursing mineral royalty revenues due to American Indians, States, and the U.S. Treasury. ONRR serves as a trustee for the management of tribal mineral royalty assets, and is charged with the responsibility to periodically review and update the regulations that govern these activities.

In our effort to fulfill this responsibility, we have scheduled a series of regional tribal consultation meetings to discuss potential future changes to the regulations. Specifically, ONRR is considering a relatively small change to the regulations that would disallow companies from including property taxes as part of their transportation and processing allowances. This would, in some cases, result in companies reporting less of an allowance, which could result in more royalties to the tribe(s). The goal of the regional tribal meetings is to:

  • Further inform the tribes of the current regulations
  • Discuss the impact to the tribes of any possible regulation
  • Listen to the members of the tribes attending to hear their concerns, answer questions and consider their suggestions in this process changes

The meetings are scheduled to start at 9:00am on the following days and at the following locations. The meetings are expected to last three to four hours. You need only attend one session:

October 17, 2019 Google Map
BIA Medicine Wheel Room, 3rd Floor
2021 4th Ave. North
Billings, MT 59101
October 24, 2019 Google Map
BLM Main Conference Room
6251 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM 87402
November 5, 2019 Google Map
ONRR Training Room
7615 E 63rd Place, Suite 105
Tulsa, OK 74133

Should you have additional questions, please email


Tribal Head Dress FeathersSecretarial Order No. 3215 – Principles for the Discharge of the Secretary’s Trust Responsibility, signed April 28, 2000, provides guidance to Department of the Interior (Department) employees as they manage, administer, or take actions impacting Indian trust assets. The Department develops and implements its trust responsibilities, regulations, policy statements, instructions, and manuals as specified in the Order.

Executive Order No. 13175 – Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments, signed November 6, 2000, obligates Federal agencies to engage with Indian Tribes on a government-to-government basis.

Secretarial Order No. 3317 – Department of the Interior Policy on Consultation with Tribes, signed December 1, 2011, requires all Department agencies and bureaus to update or implement policies for Tribal consultation.

Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) Tribal Consultation Policy, signed January 9, 2018, documents ONRR’s responsibility under Order Nos. 13175 and 3317 to strengthen government-to-government relationships with Indian Tribes, respect Tribal sovereignty, and include Tribes in decision-making processes involving them.

Tribal Liaison Officer

ONRR's Program Manager of State and Indian Coordination serves as Tribal Liaison Officer (TLO). The TLO is facilitator and advisor to program offices and associated parties, ensuring that ONRR’s Tribal Consultation Policy is applied consistently across the agency. Email the with questions.