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Reporter Letters

ONRR periodically sends Reporter Letters to active payors and reporters regarding important information such as system or procedural changes, deadlines, reporter training schedules, and updates to the Code of Federal Regulations.

The list of Reporter Letters is searchable by date or by word or words in the Subject line—it automatically sorts the list as you type in the Search field.

Note: In order to receive Reporter Letters, you must have at least one signed, original Form ONRR-4444 on file with us. The form and detailed instructions are on the Forms page.

Select a Reporter Letter to view it.

Reporter Letter Date
Termination of Navajo Nation Royalty In-Kind Program (signed)
Termination of Navajo Nation Royalty In-Kind Program
File Structure Change
File Structure Change (accessible .pdf)
Withdrawal of the 2020 Valuation Rule 10/21/2021
Extending the Deadline for 2016 Valuation Rule Compliance to 10/01/2020
Extending the Deadline for 2016 Valuation Rule Compliance to 10/01/2020 (accessible .docx)
Extending the Deadline for 2016 Valuation Rule Compliance to 07/01/2020 11/20/2019
Enjoining of Federal and Indian Coal Provisions of the 2016 Consolidated Valuation 10/17/2019
Assessment of Late Payment Charges on Solid Mineral Leases 06/24/2019
Reinstatement of the Consolidated Federal Oil & Gas and Federal & Indian Coal Valuation Reform rule 06/13/2019
August 2018 Revised: Keepwhole Gas Processing Contracts 08/21/2018
Reporting requirements for reporting flared and vented gas volumes on the Oil and Gas Operations Report (OGOR), Form ONRR-4054 04/09/2018
Stay of the Consolidated Federal Oil & Gas and Federal & Indian Coal Valuation Reform Final Rule 02/22/2017
Valuation Changes for Federal Oil & Gas (Consolidated Federal Oil & Gas and Federal & Indian Coal Valuation Reform Final Rule) 09/13/2016
Valuation Changes For Federal and Indian Coal (Consolidated Federal Oil & Gas and Federal & Indian Coal Valuation Reform Final Rule) 10/05/2016
ONRR Will No Longer Pay Interest on Company Overpayments 05/10/2016
The Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Payment Requirement for Royalty, Rent, and Invoice. Payments sent to Indian lockbox accounts are not affected. 01/15/2016
New Reporting Requirement and New eCommerce Edit for Federal Terminable Lease Rentals 12/24/2015
Elimination of Courtesy Notices for Solid Minerals Obligations 08/21/2015
Elimination of Courtesy Notices for Federal Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Obligations 08/21/2015
Clarification to Indian Oil Index-Based Major Portion Dear Reporter Letter 08/21/2015
New Requirements Found in the Indian Oil Valuation Amendments, Effective July 1, 2015 05/15/2015
Revised: Royalty on Gas Used or Lost Along a Pipeline Prior to the Point of Sale 12/18/2014
CMP-2014 Electronic Reporting Requirement 11/06/2014
Publication of Revenue Data by Company through the Extractive Industries Transparancy Initiative (EITI) 06/30/2014
Reporting Crude Oil Type for Indian Oil Production 03/31/2014
Royalty on Gas Used or Lost Along a Pipeline Prior to the Point of Sales 08/08/2013
Geothermal Report -- Generating and Transmission 06/19/2013
Geothermal Report -- Sale Type Code 06/18/2013
Administrative Cost Assessment for Federal Debt Collection 03/21/2013
OGOR B, Form MMS-4054-B, Change to Product Disposition for Certain Gas Sales. 02/05/2013
Keepwhole Gas Processing Contracts 11/21/2012
Indian Leases Dual Accounting, & Sales Beyond First Index Pricing Point 08/27/2012
Indian Leases Arm’s-Length Contracts, & Paying Royalties for Others 08/27/2012
Bakken Formation Reporting and Valuation Information 12/05/2011
New Web-based Reporting Enhancements 11/22/2011
New eCommerce edit for Form MMS-2014 coming in November 2011 10/14/2011
EDI Reporting Option Discontinued 07/06/2011
Recordkeeping Requirements and Consequences of Failure to Produce Documents 03/10/2011
Retraction of January 11, 1988 Dear Payor Letter 01/20/2011
OGOR Reporting Changes effective March 2011 12/15/2010
Guidance on Valuing Gas for Royalty Purposes - Transportation Systems and Processing Plants - Onshore Federal Leases 10/06/2010
OFFSHORE -- Flash Gas Volumes - Reporting Changes on the Production Allocation Schedule Report (PASR), Form MMS-4058 08/04/2010
Electronic Payment Requirement for Royalty and Invoice Payments, and the Pay.gov Option 06/07/2010
Reporting requirements for OGOR Form MMS-4054, on Flaring and Venting of oil-well> 05/07/2010
Oil and Gas Operations Report (OGOR), Form MMS-4054 - Error Correction 04/30/2010
Revised 2014 reporting instructions for geothermal resources and byproducts 04/28/2010
Guidance in modifying your Oil and Gas Operations Report (OGOR) for leases located in the Gulf of Mexico deep water and issued between November 28, 1995 and November 28, 2000 04/15/2010
Guidance on Recouping Royalties Paid on DWRRA Leases Affected by the Kerr McGee Decision 11/06/2009
Guidance on Valuing Gas for Royalty Purposes - Manzanares Gas System, San Juan Basin, New Mexico 10/07/2009
Buy Back-Meter Reporting - Offshore 04/21/2009
New Enhancements to Web-based Reporting 01/21/2009
Reminder of the 20 Percent Set-Aside Provision for Small or Independent Refiners 10/28/2008
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Act) 09/02/2008
Production Allocation Schedule Report 2 08/29/2008
Energy Policy Act Transaction and Product Codes 08/20/2008
Report of Sales and Royalty Remittance, for Southern Ute Tribal and allotted leases 04/21/2008
Electronic Payments to MMS 03/14/2008
The MMS published new geothermal royalty valuation regulations in the Federal Register on May 2, 2007 12/13/2007
New ACH Payment Instructions 09/27/2007
Clarification of Ute Indian Tribe's Lockbox Agreement 09/11/2007
Replacement for May 11 Ute Indian Tribe's Lockbox Agreement 07/23/2007
The Ute Tribe has implemented a lockbox agreement with Wells Fargo Bank. 05/11/2007
New Web-Based Reporting Enhancements 04/20/2007
Recouping Rents against current Geothermal Royalties 05/23/2006
Notice of Properties to In-Value 08/17/2005
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number 11/16/2004
Percentage of Proceeds (POP) Contracts 09/22/2004
Guidance on Payor Assigned Document Numbers and Addresses 02/20/2004
Flash Gas Volumes - Reporting Change 12/01/2003
Payor Code and Payor-Assigned Document (PAD) Number 04/16/2003
Oil and Gas Operations Report (OGOR)--Frequent and recurring reporting errors 02/19/2003
Instructions for Electronic Reporting on Inovis Web Site 01/17/2003
System Functionality Restored 03/20/2002
Electronic Reporting 09/21/2001
Changes to Coal and Non-Coal Mineral Production & Royalty Reporting 03/13/2001
Oklahoma Withholding 6.75 Percent tax Information 12/07/2000
Guidance For Payors When Submitting a Request 11/22/2000
New Electronic Reporting Format Effective June 1, 2001 10/06/2000
Royalty Reporting Changes Effective October 1, 2001 09/19/2000
Production Reporting Changes 08/03/2000
Drip Reporting Guidance 06/02/2000
Indian Allotted Oil & Gas Lease Payments 04/05/2000
Indian Gas Valuation Regulations 12/01/1999
Payor Information Form MMS-4025 revised 08/12/1999
Transportation Allowances for Offshore Oil Production 12/18/1998
Transportation Allowances for Offshore Oil Production 11/24/1998
Electronic Filing of Form MMS-2014 Template 11/24/1998
Reporting changes due to revisions--30 CFR Part 202 06/02/1998
OGOR Reporters--Facility Measurement Point 03/23/1998
3160 Reporters--Monthly Report of Operations 03/23/1998
PAAS Reporter Handbook Available on the Internet 11/26/1997
MMS to Pay Interest on Federal Oil & Gas Royalty Overpayment 10/01/1997
Quality Measurement Information on Form MMS-2014 09/16/1997
Image Processing 08/12/1997
Royalty Estimate Balance Report 07/01/1997
Offshore Reporter Letter 05/28/1997
Imperative information to be included on Form MMS-2014 05/12/1997
RSFA Interest Issues 03/31/1997
Issue of Geothermal Payor Handbook--Product Val. 02/20/1997
RSFA Takes vs. Entitlements Requirements 01/30/1997
EDI Handbook for Payors and Reporters 01/17/1997
Designated Payors and Lease Owners 01/09/1997
Streamlined Production Reporting Requirements 12/23/1996
Refunds and Recoupements after RSFA 08,1996 11/25/1996
Requirements for Submitting Gas Analysis Report 11/04/1996
Reporting Requirements for Wells in New Mexico 10/22/1996
Calculation of Oil and Gas 10/07/1996
Reporting Coalbed Methane 04/22/1996
Allowance Forms-Filing Requirements 03/11/1996
Current Facility Measurement Point 10/12/1995
Assessment Moratorium 10/04/1995
Dual Accounting Order to Perform 09/29/1995
Jicarilla Tribal Lockbox Payments 09/25/1995
Navajo Tribal Leases in RIK Units 08/24/1995
Jicarilla Tribal RIK Reporting Procedures 07/19/1995
Revised MMS-2014 Form 07/17/1995
Initial Dual Accounting Inquiry 02/10/1995
MMS-2014 Diskette Users Guide Release 1.1 02/09/1995
Revised OGOR Reporter Handbook Section 12.6 02/09/1995
Jicarilla RIK Reporting Procedures 11/04/1994
Revised Solid Minerals PIF 10/17/1994
Allowance Limit Exception Processing 07/06/1994
Billing Threshold Changes 01/20/1994
Quality Measurement Reporting Requirements 01/12/1994
Unique POP Contract Selling Arrangements 01/03/1994
Section 10 Refund on Dual Accounting Adjustments 12/08/1993
Fee Levied by Oklahoma Commission 09/17/1993
Allowance Interest Bills 09/01/1993
Allowance Forms-Filing Bills 09/01/1993
Revised PAAS Reporter Handbook 08/18/1993
Assessing for Quality Measurement Errors 07/12/1993
OCS Inflation Adjustment Index 06/28/1993
Facility Measurement Point numbers - GOMR 05/13/1993
PAAS Reporting Assessments 05/12/1993
Contract Settlements Gross Proceeds Policy 05/03/1993
Navajo Tribal Lockbox Payments 04/30/1993
Enforcing Correct MMS-2014 Reporting 04/14/1993
Dual Accounting on Indian Leases 02/02/1993
Section 10 Refund Criteria 01/15/1993
Gas Plant Numbers Required on MMS-3160s 10/15/1992
Gas Plant Numbers Required on OGORs 10/15/1992
Fees to Recover Reporter Handbook Costs 09/17/1992
Theoretical Method of Dual Accounting 07/27/1992
FERC 94 Payments 06/18/1992
Lease Term (TBIL) Bills 05/14/1992
PIF Erroneous Assessments 04/23/1992
POP Contract Gas Valuation 04/16/1992
PAAS Onshore Problem Reporting Situations 03/30/1992
Courtesy Notices for Nonterminable Leases 03/26/1992
MMS-2014 Late Reporting Assessments 02/06/1992
Changes in AFS Bill Types 02/06/1992
Takes vs Entitlements 01/22/1992
Indian Recoupment Limits 01/06/1992
Unauthorized Section 10 Refunds 12/20/1991
Minimum Royalty Due Dates 12/18/1991
MMS-2014 Lease Level Estimates 12/16/1991
AFS Edit Changes 10/30/1991
Facility Measurement Point (FMP) numbers - GOMR 09/03/1991
Facility Measurement Point (FMP) numbers - GOM OCS Region 07/23/1991
Interest on Insufficient Estimate Balances 07/08/1991
Assessing for Incorrect Royalty Rates on MMS-2014 06/12/1991
Lease Level Estimates on MMS-2014 03/14/1991
Reporting TIN Numbers to MMS 09/13/1990
PAAS Automated Data Transmission Inquiry 06/15/1990
Initial PAAS Reporting Assessments 04/20/1990
Adjustment Reason Codes AFS/PAAS Comparison 11/27/1989
Clarification of Indian Coal Valuation Regulations 04/21/1989
El Paso Natural Gas Reporting Conversion 01/19/1989
Elimination of Nonrespondent EP Onshore 11/14/1988
Required 3a Number on Payments & Reports 11/14/1988
Royalties on Take-or-Pay Payments 11/04/1988
Improper Tax Withholding on Indian Leases 10/03/1988
Primacy of Indian Lease Terms 09/30/1988
PAAS MMS-3160 Reporting Problems 06/30/1988
El Paso Natural Gas Reporting Conversion 03/16/1988
Initial PAAS Onshore Oil & Gas Reporter Handbook 03/16/1988
Royalty Rate Reporting Errors 03/14/1988
Gas Valuation Procedures 03/11/1988
Oil and Gas Valuation Regulations 02/04/1988
Interest on Retroactive Agreement Adjustments 01/11/1988
Recoupments and Refunds 07/10/1985