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Unbundling Cost Allocations (UCAs)

Standardized UCAs

ONRR now provides simplified UCAs for certain gas plants and geographic locations, please see the Standardized UCA page for more information.

Specific Transportation System/Gas Plant UCAs:

ONRR also calculates UCAs for specific transportion systems and gas plants. See the table below for published UCAs.

How to use specific transportation system/gas plant UCAs

  1. ONRR publishes UCAs for 2010.
  2. You use 2010 UCAs to estimate 2011, 2012, and 2013.
  3. ONRR publishes UCAs for 2011 and 2012.
  4. You replace estimated values for 2011 and 2012 (there is no change for 2013).
  5. You use 2012 (most current) UCAs for future reporting period estimates.
Name with Document Link Type Operator Location Doc Date
Versado Saunders Gas Plant Plant Targa NM 04/30/2021
Orla Gas Plant Plant Enterprise TX 04/30/2021
DCP Supersystem Plant DCP Midstream NM 09/26/2019
Willow Creek Gas Plant Plant Williams CO 03/19/2018
Chipeta Plant Plant Anadarko UT 02/12/2018
Blacks Fork Plant Andeavor Logistics WY 02/12/2018
San Juan Conventional Transportation System -
Ignacio Gas Plant
Plant Williams CO 02/08/2018
Echo Springs Gas Plant Plant Williams WY 02/01/2018
Pioneer Gas Plant Plant Enterprise WY 08/16/2017
Meeker Gas Plant Plant Enterprise CO 08/16/2017
Sea Robin Gas Plant Plant Enterprise LA 02/27/2017
Mobile Bay Gas Plant Plant Williams Mobile Bay Producer Services, LLC AL 07/21/2016
Venice Gas Plant Plant Targa LA 07/21/2016
Toca Gas Plant Plant Enterprise LA 04/15/2016
Eunice Gas Plant Plant Enlink LA 03/23/2016
Neptune Gas Plant Plant Enterprise LA 01/16/2016
North Terrebonne Gas Plant Plant Enterprise LA 09/30/2015
Stingray Gas Plant Plant Targa LA 09/30/2015
Yscloskey Gas Plant Plant Targa LA 09/16/2015
Opal Gas Plant Plant Williams WY 07/31/2015
Calumet Gas Plant Plant Enterprise LA 08/7/2015
Pascagoula Gas Plant Plant BP MS 06/12/2015
San Juan Transportation System - San Juan (Blanco) Plant Trans/Plant Conoco/Phillips NM 04/15/2015
San Juan Transportation System - Chaco Gas Plant Trans/Plant Enterprise NM 04/15/2015
Buena Suerte Transportation System Trans Elm-Ridge NM 09/08/2014
Lybrook and Otero Transportation Systems - Huerfano Mountain Gas Plant Trans/Plant Elm-Ridge NM 09/08/2014
Manzanares Transportation System Trans Williams NM 11/25/2013
Torre Alta Transportation System - Kutz Plant Trans/Plant Williams NM 07/08/2014
Torre Alta Transportation System - Lybrook Plant Trans/Plant Williams NM 04/15/2015
Carlsbad Transportation System and Dew Point Plant Trans/Plant Enterprise NM 09/08/2014
Val Verde Transportation System and Treatment Plant Trans/Plant Enterprise NM 09/08/2014