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Royalty Reporting (except Solid Minerals)

Reporting Forms

Royalty Reporting

Form ONRR-2014
— Report of Sales & Royalty Remittance
Sample Layouts
Reporting Codes for Form ONRR-2014

Allowances ( * — Instructions and Schedule forms included)

Form ONRR-4109

— * Gas Processing Allowance

Form ONRR-4110

— * Oil Transportation Allowance Report

Form ONRR-4295

— * Gas Transportation Allowance Report

Form ONRR-4393

— Request to Exceed Regulatory Allowance Limitation

Valuation ( * — Parts A and B and Reporting Instructions included)

Form ONRR-4410

— * Accounting for Comparison\Dual Accounting

Watch video on Dual Accounting

Form ONRR-4411

— Safety Net Report

Instructions and References

Reporter Checklists

For new reporters:

Reporter Tools



Electronic Reporting Inquiries

Send questions regarding Form ONRR-2014 ASCII and CSV formats and eCommerce to ONRR eCommerce Feedback.

Royalty Reporting and Error Correction
(Electronic Reporting Problems)

ONRR contacts — assigned by customer name in alphabetical order

Lease/Agreement Maintenance

ONRR contacts — assigned by lease-related topic, lease type, and state/geographic area