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Electronic Reporting Inquiries

Send questions regarding ASCII and CSV formats and eCommerce to .

Electronic Reporting Problems

Michael Brugger
(800) 525-7922 x3697
(303) 231-3697
Lisa Reimer
(214) 640-9049
Michael Nestlehut
(800) 525-7922 x3581
(303) 231-3581
Martha Guzman
(800) 525-7922 x3097
(303) 231-3097

Lease/Agreement Maintenance

Contacts - assigned by lease-related topic, lease type, and state/geographic area.

OGOR – Oil and Gas Operations Report and Error Correction (Form ONRR-4054)

Onshore Production Reporting Offshore Production Reporting

PASR – Production Allocation Schedule Report and Error Correction (Form ONRR-4058)

Offshore Production Reporting

TIMS (Technical Information Management System) District and Regional Contacts

BOEM BSEE Gulf of Mexico BOEM BSEE Pacific

* Use the PRODUCTION RELATED LINKS list on this page to view additional Production Reporting information.