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Allottee Assistance


Tribal FeathersThe mission of the Federal Indian Minerals Office and Indian Outreach is to serve as an advocate for the fulfillment of ONRR trust responsibility and to resolve Indian mineral issues. The Outreach program serves as a focal point for both Indian mineral issues and contact with the Indian community, Indian mineral owners, and involved state and federal agencies.


ONRR conducts various forms of outreach with individual Indian mineral owners; our primary method is through on-site meetings in Indian Country. The outreach is designed to resolve royalty-related problems and to let individual owners know how to contact us. These regularly scheduled outreach meetings enable us to answer questions, listen to concerns and suggestions for improvement, and identify and resolve mineral-related problems in partnership with the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Trust Funds Administration. Our goal is to enhance our trust responsibility and foster a positive working relationship with the Indian community.

Royalty Compliance

ONRR provides the following services:

  • Accounts for mineral royalties.
  • Reviews volumes used to compute royalties on the leases.
  • Ensures that methods used to compute royalties are in accordance with applicable Federal laws, regulations, and lease terms.


The Denver, CO office serves allottees with leases in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

Toll Free Royalty Assistance
(800) 982-3226

The Oklahoma City, OK office serves allottees with leases in the State of Oklahoma.

Toll Free Royalty Assistance
(800) 354-7015

The Farmington, NM Federal Indian Minerals Office (FIMO) serve the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners Region.

Toll Free Royalty Assistance
(800) 238-2839


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