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Federal Indian Minerals Office Contacts

Visiting Information

To better serve you, please bring letters, statements, and reports you are inquiring about.

Visitors must present a valid picture ID when requesting their IIM account information.

(Co-located with BLM)

Federal Indian Minerals Office
6251 College Blvd, Suite B
Farmington NM 87402

Toll Free: (800) 238-2839
Direct: (505) 564-7640


The BLM building main entrance:

  • Hours 7:45am - 4:30pm

FIMO accepts calls:

  • Hours 8:00am - 4:30pm
  • BLM and FIMO remain open during lunch hours.

Federal Holidays, Early Release, or Inclement Weather.

Staff Directory

Staff Role Name/Email Contact Agency
FIMO Director Maureen Joe BIA
Outreach Leona R. Begay ONRR
Royalty Compliance Michelle Coy ONRR
Inspection & Enforcement BLM Farmington Field Office, I & E Branch BLM
Royalty Compliance Tim Sweeney ONRR
Royalty Compliance Donald Takehara ONRR
Administrative Support Alberta Reid ONRR
Lease Administration Annette Ahill BIA
Lease Administration Cassandra Gould BIA
Lease Administration Betty Hagen BIA
Lease Administration Bertha Shorty BIA
Outreach Jennifer Benally ONRR
Auditor April Maez ONRR


Click here for FIMO Staff and related contacts.

Other Contacts

Agency Location Office Telephone Number FAX Number
Farmington, NM Federal Indian Minerals Office (800) 238-2839
(505) 564-7640
(505) 564-7790
BIA Gallup, NM Navajo Regional Office
5425 W. Sample Rd.
(505) 863-8221 (505) 863-8324
BIA Gallup, NM Navajo Regional Real Estate Services (505) 563-8262
(505) 563-8334
(505) 863-8232
BIA Window Rock, AZ Navajo Regional Probate & Estate Services (928) 871-5923
(928) 871-5935
(928) 871-5943
BIA Crownpoint, NM Eastern Navajo Agency Real Estate Services (505) 786-6122 (505) 786-6115
BIA Crownpoint, NM Eastern Navajo Agency Probate & Estate Services (505) 786-6116
(505) 786-6118
(505) 786-6119
(505) 786-6010
(505) 786-6029
BIA Crownpoint, NM Crownpoint Census Office (505) 786-2034 (505) 786-2037
BIA Shiprock, NM Shiprock Agency Real Estate Services (505) 368-3373 (505) 368-3312
BIA Shiprock, NM Shiprock Agency Probate & Estate Services (505) 368-3371 (505) 368-3312
BIA Shiprock, NM Shiprock Census Office (505) 368-1344 (505) 368-1144
BIA Window Rock, NM Window Rock Census Office (928) 871-6386 (928) 871-6397
BLM Farmington, NM BLM Farmington Field Office, I & E Branch (800) 842-3127
(505) 564-7600
(505) 564-7608
OHA Albuquerque, NM Administrative Law Judge (Probate Judge) (505) 563-5330 (505) 563-5641
BTFA Gallup, NM Navajo Region IIM Field Office (505) 863-8238
(505) 863-8485
(505) 863-8479
BTFA Crownpoint, NM Eastern Navajo IIM Field Office (505) 786-6041 (505) 786-6042
BTFA Ignacio, CO *Southern Ute Agency Field Office (970) 563-1013 (970) 563-0323
BTFA Albuquerque, NM Nationwide Beneficiary Call Center (888) BTFA-OTFM
(888) 678-6836

*BTFA Ignacio Field Office also assists Navajo beneficiaries with inquires and updates.