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Trust Beneficiary Outreach Session

Probate Overview and Proposed Regulation Updates
Fort Berthold Reservation

Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 1:30-3:00 PM Central Time
Attendees may participate virtually

Audio number: 1-844-992-4726
Meeting number: 187 738 0998

If you need assistance or have any questions, please email IndianEnergyServiceCenter@bia.gov

2016 Valuation Rule Implementation

Please see the Dear Reporter Letter on Extending the Deadline for 2016 Valuation Rule Compliance to October 1, 2020. An example of how to value processed gas under the new 2016 Valuation Rule can be found here.

Mineral Owners

ONRR would like to let the mineral owners know that we are still operating, processing 2014s and payments, as well as processing distributions. Our Indian Outreach group is also answering phones. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at the numbers available on our Allottee Assistance page.


Until further notice, and except as noted below for appeals-related documents, all ONRR office deliveries (except for the United States Postal Service) must be shipped to the ONRR Denver Office at:

Office of Natural Resources Revenue
P.O. Box 25165, Entrance N1
Building 85, Eighth Street
Denver Federal Center, CO 80225

This applies to deliveries designated for ONRR offices in Houston TX; Dallas TX; Oklahoma City OK; Tulsa OK; and Farmington NM. Any notice of appeal, statement of reasons, or other document that must be filed with ONRR pursuant to 30 C.F.R. § 1290.105 or 43 C.F.R. § 4.411 may be filed with ONRR in accordance with either (i) the instructions for electronic filing set forth on the Appeals & Sureties page ; or (ii) the instructions provided with the order being appealed.

Fiscal Year 2021 GOMESA Disbursements $248,908,108

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Production, Royalty, and Solids Minerals Reporting

Production Reporting

Assure your company is correctly set up to report production for leases/agreements to ONRR.

Production Reporting Checklist

Royalty Reporting

Assure your company is set up to report and remit rental and royalties correctly and timely.

Royalty Reporting Checklist

Solids Reporting

Assure your company is set up to report production and royalty data and to remit payments to ONRR.

Solids Reporting Checklist

Payment Information

For Electronic, Indian Lockboxes, Jointly-owed Lease payments, deliveries and contact information.


Training Videos

Data & Statistics

ONRR provides Federal production and revenue data for publication on the Natural Resources Revenue Data Portal.

NRRD Portal

Monthly Fact Sheet

Civil Penalties

The ONRR civil penalty program is a tool ONRR uses to encourage compliance and deter future violations. ONRR issues civil penalties when companies fail to comply with, or knowingly or willfully violate applicable regulations or laws. Such penalties are authorized by the Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Management Act of 1982 (FOGRMA). ONRR has collected more than $55 million in civil penalties since its inception in 1982.Learn More